What is The Wounded Warriors Project?

wounded warriors project

What is The Wounded Warriors Project?

Between the service member and veteran community, there is an organization that has been committed to lending a helping hand.

The Wounded Warrior Project is one that has set forth on a mission to help soldiers who were wounded in battle on and after September 11th, 2001. With the numbers skyrocketing in the years following that catastrophic event, the non-profit has made it their mission to make sure those who need help receive help. From illness to wounds and mental illness, the project has provided a haven for hundreds of those who need assistance.

In the years that have passed, posttraumatic distress and depression have been well on the rise. Taking the time to understand that these mental effects can be as strenuous as physical injury has provided the project with insight on how to better handle these cases and the community members who benefit from the relief that the project provides.

With many different organizations out there who claim to be using their profits to better the community and to provide support for veterans, it may be difficult to know where to turn and which ones to put your support and effort into. By looking deeper into the history and the outreach of these organization’s there is a sense of community one can find. When trying to figure out which nonprofits are beneficial and which ones give more of their profits away, it is always important to know what to look for.

In this case, knowing what to look for also helps when knowing who can be provided for with the offerings that the organization is putting out.

To better understand whom the Wounded Warrior Project helps and what their goals are, here is more information on the project and the projects of their helpful status. Staying informed and knowing about trauma help for service members could be beneficial if you or a loved one has spent time dedicating your life to helping protect the country and its citizens. With how much these service members give, giving back to them in a respectful and needed organization.

What Is The WWP?

John Melia formed a nonprofit in Virginia in 2003. Melia had been injured in 1992 while serving in Somalia. Wanting to give back further to other soldiers, Melia began to put together backpacks with needed items that were distributed to other wounded soldiers. These backpacks were full of comfort items that would provide those soldiers with the reassurance that they mattered and their sacrifices were not lost on everyone.

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In 2005 the small project grew larger through various donations. Acquiring 2.7 million dollars, Melia’s small organization grew in size to help and provide for the wounded and other veterans who had dedicated their time to serve. The backpack drive remains a staple of the organization’s framework, however, they have grown to provide other services as well.

Long-term support is now a key focus of the organization. They help to return wounded and other veterans find their footing post coming back from an ordeal. This small organization has gathered its footing and support within many communities.

Who Exactly Benefits?

One of the questions that come along with the non-profit is a simple one, exactly who benefits from it? Well, that question is quite inclusive. It is not limited to just those soldiers who have lost limbs due to their time in the military. Instead, any veteran who has given their time to the service can find some comfort within this organization. From individuals who have lost limbs to those who have emotional scarring that cannot be seen. The organization is there to provide a helping hand whenever it may be of service if you are a veteran who has spent time giving back to the community by putting his or her life on the line.

All veterans who have provided service to their country are eligible to find help within the organization’s standards. The project itself is always growing and looking to help veterans acclimate to life post all traumatic experiences. Their goal is to help veterans cops with the aftermath of coming home and the mental and physical aftermath that is still haunting them once home from their tours.

What Is The Need?

The need for organization shows the numbers of service members who come back with both visible and invisible wounds. 52,000 service people have been injured in battle throughout the past few years. 500,000 individuals are living with wounds that cannot be seen such as posttraumatic stress disorder. 320,000 others have unfortunately found themselves with brain trauma that is not easily dealt with.

A larger sense of community is needed for those veterans who have found their lives completely changed post-deployment. This charity provides a haven where those who find themselves with wounds can go and find further help to acclimate themselves back to everyday life. With not enough funding when it comes to veterans, WWP provides more support that wouldn’t have been there before. They hope to make the transition back to everyday life a little easier for those who had previously found themselves in dangerous and harmful situations.

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Another benefit of the organization itself is an added support to veterans who may not have found the means provided for recovery. With a way to provide funds for medicine and technology, this funding goes a long way in aiding those who may not have found the money to handle their care in a safe matter. By providing these resources, many of the individuals who couldn’t get the care prior are now able to find some relief for what has occurred to them. This gives veterans a voice and a safe outlet to manage the experiences that they have been through.

Measurement of Money Raised

The organization that is still a nonprofit has come to employ roughly 680 individuals to keep it running properly. Due to these individuals who support the organization as a whole has raised around $263,762,696. Their net assets come out to roughly $305,172,541.

Much of the money that they raise comes from contributions and gifts from sponsors and supporters.

While the nonprofit does have fundraising events, they do not garner any of their funding and resources through federal government support. They also do not require any membership dues, making it so that any of the veterans who receive assistance through their campaigns do so without it costing any money out of pocket to them. This organization provides much-needed support to those who couldn’t previously afford it, rather than costing their members.

Their allocations of money are set up in different streams. A large majority of their expenses are geared simply towards their programs. All of the programs that are paid for by the WWP come from the organization itself. This means there is no additional cost. More than 50,000,000 every year go towards fundraisers and providing events that bring in more revenue. This is an important way of making sure that the organization continues to be funded without government support.

Lastly, roughly $15,000,000 goes to administrative payouts. To keep an organization running, the workers have to be compensated for the time and effort they put in to bringing in more money streams and supporting any veterans when they need it most.

These benefits go back to the individuals who need them, while the budget may seem immense, many soldiers come home and still do not have sufficient care that they need to acclimate themselves with society. With what many of these men and women have been through, the price tag on support and recovery can be prices that are not easily attained. With so many people looking for support, the project itself can make a difference in many lives.

In conclusion

The gap that is bridged for many soldiers through the wounded warrior project makes up where the government lacks giving support to those who need it. For anyone coming back from difficult situations, the project is there to be that helping hand and provide the support that is so often neglected. Many soldiers have gained proper medical treatment because of what the organization provides.

Thanks to the donations that are given, many people see the effects of what good medicine and support can do after a life-changing situation. Finding help in these crises can be hard for anyone, but the project is a well-respected branch that reaches out to veterans and gives them a chance to confined and find a little more peace once they have returned from their tours.

It isn’t only then that the organization helps out with medical offerings. They also have specialized donation times where they provide other support to those in need. Depending on what the veteran is looking for and needs. Lending a hand in support of those who need it most is what the organization is looking to do with the profits it makes from all of the fundraisers.

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