Glock 48 Review: The Good, Bad & Ugly

glock 48 ultimate review

Glock 48 Review: The Good, Bad & Ugly

When it comes to guns, I think you also agree that everyone has their preferences.

However, I’ve come to realize that nothing sparks people up like the release of a new gun, especially if it’s from a brand they love. If you’re a Glock enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of the Glock 48.

The Glock 48 is one of the most recent releases from Glock, having been introduced in 2019.

Hardcore fans of Glock models were thrilled about the gun. But most don’t know about its performance since it hasn’t been around for long. So, that got me thinking. Why don’t I write a Glock 48 review to make things easier for Glock lovers?

That said, I will evaluate the Glock 48 in this post. Read on to find out how Glock has designed this slimline pistol.

Background of the Glock 48

By now, you’re probably wondering what led Glock to produce the 48. Here’s the story behind this conceal carry.

Previously, Glock had the Glock 19 model, which was one of the most popular pistols from the company. In fact, there are some gun enthusiasts who still prefer the Glock 19. The reason? Well, those who’ve owned the G19 claim that it balances reliability and size quite well.

Actually, the pistol is big enough to be used in the range, as well as a duty gun. Besides, its size makes it concealable. But that’s not all. Its popularity means that you can access its accessories where you’d like.

However, the size of the Glock 19 wasn’t everyone’s preference, especially those who wanted a gun that you could easily conceal. To such people, a slimmer or single-stack Glock 19 for concealed carrying seemed ideal.

So, Glock got to work to make a single-stack pistol for concealed carry. However, the pistol came in 380 APC as opposed to 9mm – this was the Glock 42. But Glock enthusiasts still bought the gun for a year until Glock came out with another model. The Glock 43 in 9mm.

People still bought the Glock 43 because they thought they needed a smaller gun. However, the 43 had its downside. It only held 6+1 rounds in 9mm. So, using this pistol in a range meant that you had to reload more often.

People were okay with the smaller and lighter Glock 43 until Sig introduced the Sig P365. The P365 was also a concealed carry, which held 12+1 rounds of 9mm. So, Glock had to do something to match up to the competition.

They came up with the Glock 48 and the Glock 43X, which is a hybrid of the Glock 43 and 48. Both the Glock 43X and 48 hold 10 rounds in the magazine.

Technical Specs

Capacity 10+1
Cartridge 9mm Luger
Action Gas-operated semi-auto
  1. 28 inches
  1. 12 ounces
Barrel length
  1. 17 inches
Caliber 9 x 19
  1. 25 pounds



One of the reasons the slimline Glock 48 gained popularity is because it is a slimmer Glock 19. After all, if you are looking for a pistol for concealed carry, you have to consider its handling comfort.

So, here’s what Glock did. To keep the Glock 48 slimmer than the Glock 19, Glock designed this pistol with a stack-and-a-half magazine. Such magazines fall in between double-stack magazines and single-stack magazines. This design makes this pistol only 1.1 inches thick.

Besides, it is lighter than the G19, and it also features a new grip frame. Although the G43X and the Glock 48 ha

ve a similar frame, the G48 has a longer slide and barrel.

I also noticed that the grip frame of the slimline Glock 48 is very slender. This design makes it feel very small in my hands that I even though it’s smaller than the actual dimensions.


If you’ve used the G19 before, then I can guarantee that you’ll love this pistol. The G48 is smaller, lighter, and has an impressive design. The design of the Glock 48 is almost similar to that of the Glock 43 X. It has a black polymer frame and a silver nPVD-finished steel.

glock 48 on woodFrankly, the polymer frame makes the gun feel lighter on the hands. To make this pistol more preferable to those looking for a concealed carry, Glock designs this pistol with a 4.17-inch barrel and a 10-round magazine capacity.

Interestingly, I noticed that the  Glock 48 had the exact same height as the Glock 19 even though the G19 is a 15-round gun. However, the Glock 48 is slimmer.

In case you were wondering why Glock uses nPVD coating on the  Glock 48’s slide, here’s why. The coating is resistant to chemicals and corrosion alike. But that’s not the only impressive thing about the slide. It also has a rough, matte texture that gives you better control of the gun. It also has cocking serrations, which also help in manipulation.

Another notable feature on this pistol is that its magazine catch is reversible. Also, the frame size allows me to get my entire hand on the gun, which to me is a plus. How so? It aids in better control, plus, the recoil is manageable.

What’s the bottom line?

The size and design of the  Glock 48 makes it easy to conceal.

In fact, I can easily walk with it wherever I go without creating attention to myself. So, if you need an alternative to the G19, then I would recommend its slimmer version, the 48. Additionally, the size of the gun makes it ideal for you if you have smaller hands. You’ll have better control.

But wait, it gets better than that. The longer slide or barrel of the Glock 48 will help you aim better. It will also help you get better velocity from your ammo. You might also like that this pistol has a shorter trigger distance. But why is this important? Well, it gives you a smooth pull. So, if you’ve not been receiving the same from your other guns, then this is a plus for you.

You also need to know that this gun comes with a Glock Marksman Barrel. Now you see, such a barrel is meant to improve the rifling, as well as increase the accuracy. I also find it easier to reload this gun, thanks to its precision-milled front serrations.

Did I also mention that the Glock 48 also has a built-in beaver tail? Its purpose? It helps you have a higher grip on your pistol, which is ideal during rapid fire. It gives you better control.

Shooting the Glock 48

Now, when it comes to shooting a pistol, you and I know that it’s all about control. However, different people control their pistols distinctively, but that doesn’t minimize the power of the gun.

So, let’s see. How does the Glock 48 perform?

For starters, when I first saw the Glock 48, I thought that such a small pistol will not be easy to control. To my surprise, Glock makes sure that the controls of this pistol are operable. Although its magazine releases are different from the Glock 19’s, I found that the reloads were quite consistent. Besides, the size of this pistol makes those with smaller hands feel like they’re having a field day at the range.

What about the draw?

You see, when you carry the Glock 48 in an IWB holster, which is in the appendix position, the pistol stays concealed. The best part about it is that even when it’s concealed, the G48 has a lengthy frame, which makes drawing it easy. That way, you get better speed, control, and consistency.

Now, besides control, I am mostly concerned with the accuracy of the gun. With that said, is the Glock 48 accurate enough? Well, according to its category. I must say that Glock has outdone itself with this pistol. The trigger breaks nicely at 5.25 pounds, and I must say that the accuracy is commendable.

The gun feels good in both your firing and support hands, which allows you to make steady shots. Besides, it has manageable recoil. I also experimented with different ammo like Federal HST 9mm 124 grain and Inceptor ARX 9mm 74 grain, and I was quite impressed.

Safe to say, for a 9mm pistol, the Glock 48 has good accuracy.

When you grasp your pistol well, you’ll have stability in recoil. I also noticed that this gun has little muzzle rise, while, the lengthy frame gives me a full firing grip. The 48 also has consistent velocity when you shoot from different yards.

What do I like?

I must say, Glock has done an exemplary job with this pistol. Consequently, there are a couple of things I love about the Glock 48.

Let us have a look at the main ones:

The accuracy

I have handled several CCWs. So, when I say that the Glock 48 has outstanding accuracy, I mean that it does well among other pistols in its category.

It has a good grip

Now, when you first handle a gun, you have to notice its grip. If you’re a Glock fan, you’ll be glad to know that the Glock 48’s is just right. The gun has a longer slide/barrel, and it has a new grip frame. Besides, it’s slimmer, making it feel good on the hands.

Has a shorter trigger distance

Having been around pistols for long, one of the issues I’ve always had revolves around the trigger distance. You’re well aware that this aspect determines the pull. Fortunately, Glock has designed the G48 with a shorter trigger distance, which gives it a smooth pull.

Front cocking/slide serrations

One thing I’ve noticed about Glock is that they always try to outdo themselves, especially when it comes to new releases. Now, the G48 comes with front serrations, which help to give you better control. How so? Well, they allow quick reload.

What didn’t I like?

Unfortunately, the  Glock 48 also had some things I didn’t like about it. Here are the main disadvantages.

Has fewer rounds than the G19

The  Glock 48 is the slimmer G19. Although it’s an upgrade, it only holds 10 rounds in the magazine, while, the G19 holds 15.

The texture disappoints

Now, I wasn’t so impressed by the texture of the  Glock 48. I feel as if Glock could have done a better job at it. Besides, it comes with polymer sights, which you’ll have to replace. That means extra costs for you.


  • Glock familiarity
  • It features front cocking serration
  • Has good size and it’s concealable
  • It is reliable


  • Reduction in magazine capacity
  • Has unique magazines and holster
  • A bit bigger than the competition


Writing this Glock 48 review, I can’t help but mention how reliable this pistol is. It is ideal for you if you’re looking for a smaller alternative to the G19. In fact, they both have the same height but the G48 is slimmer. Compared to other firearms in its category, the  Glock 48 has good accuracy. The controls are also well-placed; hence it is easy to operate. Moreover, the  Glock 48 is well-priced. It might be a worthy investment.

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