Glock 43x Review: An In-Depth Look

glock 43x review and guide

Glock 43x Review: An In-Depth Look

If you’re a proud supporter of the second amendment, then you probably own a piece or more.

Now, when it comes to guns, different people have different preferences. But I’ve realized that a majority of the people have grown the preference for a concealed carry. In fact, the US has more than 16 million legally licensed CCW permit holders.

One company that has managed to make a name for itself in the gun market is Glock. It has manufactured plenty of guns that feature different calibers and sizes. In this post, however, I will focus on the Glock 43X.

Want to know what this gun has to offer? Well, why don’t you read on this Glock 43X review to find out?

The Background of the Glock 43X

If you ask any gun owner, they will tell you that there is a story behind every piece that they’ve owned. But what’s the story behind the 43X? What brought it to being? Here’s the deal.

glock 43x infoThe 43X is a gun that was created with the Glock lovers in mind. Particularly, those who were looking for a high-quality handgun meant for conceal carry. For years, Glock lovers could not settle for a Glock when concealment was what they were after. Traditionally, they could only access bulky handguns, and this was quite the disappointment.

Realizing the existent gap, Glock sought to make a handgun that could address this issue. The first concealed carry that they designed was the Glock 42 in 380 ACP. The gun did considerably well among Glock enthusiasts, but they needed something better. And that when the Glock 43 in 9mm was designed.

Glock lovers preferred the 43 over the 42, but the gun still had a significant downside. The Glock 43 only held 6+1 rounds of 9mm. For a majority of Glock lovers, this was disadvantageous because it meant more reloading. You see, most of us compared it to the Sig P365, which was of almost the same size, and yet it held 12+1 rounds of 9mm.

Seeing that most people considered the Sig a superior choice, Glock had to do something, and that was the advent of the Glock 43X. The 43X is designed to hold 10+1 rounds of 9mm, which are in a slightly larger package.

The 43X is a hybrid. It combines the compact design of the Glock 43 and the recently released Glock 48. The 48 has a longer slide length, but both are part of Glock’s slimline series. The aim of designing the 43X was to increase capacity and still maintain the conceal-ability.

With that said, Glock only has two X models – the 43X, and another that is a blend between the Glock 17 and the Glock 19.

Technical Specifications

  1. 5 inches
  1. 10 inches
Slide length
  1. 06 inches
Slide width
  1. 87 inches
Weight (Empty Magazine)
  1. 70 ounces
Height (With magazine)
  1. 04 inches
Trigger distance
  1. 64 inches



When you are looking for a conceal carry, you also have to be concerned with its ergonomics. Looking at the 43X, I must say that Glock has done an exemplary job in its design. Actually, the gun has a grip that you’d not find on most Glocks.

Unlike most Glocks that feature a rectangular grip, the 43X has a more rounded profile. So, what does this mean for you? It implies that the 43X has a great grip. The shape allows it to fit your hand perfectly, which gives you better control over your Glock.

Better yet, the 43X has a single-stack design, which gives better contour on the outer part of the grip. Another aspect that intrigued me about this gun is its size. The gun isn’t too small, which gives my trigger finger better movement. I don’t use a lot of effort to get my hand off the trigger guard to get pad placement or a first joint.


Safe to say, Glock enthusiasts will have a field day with the 43X because its design isn’t like that of traditional models. The 43X is designed to hold a 10-round, single-stack magazine; hence, its carry capacity is 11. The pistol also comes with a standard Glock magazine-loading tool, plus, two magazines.

glock 43x specifications

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The pistol has a two-tone configuration. Glock designs it with a brushed stainless steel side and a black polymer frame. The polymer frame plays a significant role in making it lighter and the medium-size makes it more concealable.

Furthermore, Glock makes sure that the pistol’s cocking serrations are on the front and back of the stainless steel slide. The pistol doesn’t have a rail upfront – a feature that improves concealment and ease of carrying. Did I also mention that the dust cover at the trigger guard is slim and well-rounded to promote IWB carry?

If you have large hands, you’ll also have an easy time with this pistol. How so? Well, the safe-action design and controls are standard Glock. Besides, the magazine is well-sized. So, you can activate it without having to change your firing grip.

Carry Dimensions and Considerations

Needless to say, the Glock 43X is designed for easy concealment. You can carry the Glock with ease, thanks to its short barrel and grip, and thin width. The gun features a full-height grip surface, which lets me put all my fingers in place without getting a magazine extension. If you ask me, that gives you excellent shooting performance.

The pistol also has a lightweight design. Therefore, carrying it around won’t be any stressful for you, and that also includes when it is loaded.

By now, you’re probably wondering what’s the best carry position for this pistol, right? Well, the 43X is best suited for Inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry. The reason for this is because it has rounded contours, which make it slimmer. Furthermore, it has a mild grip texture. So, IWB carry will not bring about unwarranted skin abrasion.

However, you can also carry it on your hip, or use your pistol for appendix carry. What’s the bottom line? Whatever placement you choose among the three guarantees concealed carry. The only position I wouldn’t recommend is the ankle carry. Well, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this carry position will most likely extend the pistol’s grip too far back.


Nothing is as impressive on the shooting range as accuracy. Fortunately, the 43X delivers the accuracy any Glock enthusiast would want in a range. Mainly, I can attribute the accuracy of this pistol to its subcompact slide, as well as a large grip.

I bet Glock designed the 43X with a subcompact slide because they clearly know its benefits. Guns with such a feature tend to have spring action and slide lock up, which improve their accuracy.

How To Shoot the Glock 43X

If you love accuracy at the range, then the 43X could do you justice. I asked a couple of buddies who’d experienced this pistol and the responses I got were the same. The 43X is easy to operate, and it shoots well. Compared to other standard Glocks, however, 43X has a heavier trigger. You need about 6 pounds of pressure.

review of glock 43x

Luckily, the pistol has low recoil. You can also use different types of ammo on this pistol, including self-defense ammo such as Hornady American Gunner XTP 115 grain and Federal HST 124 grain. The best part? Any ammo I used functioned impeccably. This includes specialty loads such as the Inceptor ARX 74 grain.

What We Do Like About the Glock 43X

After testing the G43X, I must say there are a couple of things that intrigued me. Let’s have a look.

The grip

First, I was taken aback by the grip of this pistol. The pistol has a medium size, and I have noticed that most Glock enthusiasts prefer the 43X as compared to the Glock 43. Others who opted for the Sig P365 have also made a switch.

The 43X has a grip width of 1.10 inches, which not only makes it a perfect fit in your hand but also suitable for concealed carrying. It’s not enough to have a slimmer and shorter pistol, you also want something that feels great on your hand. Fortunately, you can get all that from the 43X. The comfortable grip will improve your shooting experience because it will absorb recoil and combat muzzle rise.

Feels good in the hand

Another aspect that makes the 43X a go-to option for Glock enthusiasts is how it feels in your hand. Albeit it’s smaller than other models, the controls are ergonomically designed. Besides, the pistol has a strong reset trigger, and the recoil is very manageable.

The accuracy

This Glock may not be a sniper rifle, but it is well known for its accuracy. A majority of those who’ve tested it in the field can attest that it is easy to shoot. Well, it may shoot differently in everybody’s hands, but the bottom line is that it is a great conceal carry pistol.

It is a hybrid

The G43X is a combination of the Glock 43 and the Glock 48. The gun is built for concealment and capacity, and it has a higher capacity than its predecessor, the Glock 43.

What We Don’t Like About the 43X

Well, much as this conceal carry is advantageous, I also found some downsides. Here are the main ones.

No attachment rail

Unfortunately, the 43X does not have an attachment rail. This is mainly attributed to its slimmer frame, and that’s something some gun enthusiasts do not like about this Glock.

Mostly suitable for individuals with smaller hands

The Glock has been hit with complaints from those people who have larger hands. They claim that if you have smaller hands, you will feel the gun want to twist in your hands. However, this is an issue that individuals with larger hands never experienced with larger Glocks.

You have to shoot blind

Based on its size and construction, the 43X is mainly meant for defensive shooting, which mainly happens in the dark. However, this pistol doesn’t have an attachment rail. So, you cannot attach a torch/light. Therefore, if you’re using your conceal carry in the dark, you will have to shoot blind.

Do you think it’s wise?


  • Improved capacity – holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm
  • It is reliable and accurate
  • Includes front cocking serrations
  • It feels familiar to Glock lovers


  • It has a unique holster
  • Has unique magazines
  • Lesser capacity compared to the competition


To sum up this Glock 43X review, I must say that this is an ideal conceal carry.

The Glock 43X is an upgrade from the Glock 43, and you will probably love that it holds 10+1 rounds of 9mm. I was mostly impressed by the pistol’s reliability and accuracy, plus, it has Glock familiarity. The pistol also has a slim profile, and it is ideal for IWB carry.

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