best tactical batons

9 Best Tactical Batons

Throughout human history, people have always found ways to defend themselves from harm. The modern tactical batons feature concealment capabilities that allow them to be compacted easily into a portable size that easily transforms into full size with a single swipe of the arm. The easy concealment of the baton allows you to get close to the enemy without them realizing your intention and attack only when you are in close range. By doing this, you get to catch your...

tactical gear

What is Tactical Gear?

Tactical gear envelops a wide assortment of items made for military individuals and law enforcement officers, including everything from protective body layer to rough electric lamps. Since they are intended to be tough and serve numerous utilizations, tactical gear is likewise well known to trackers, survivalists, and private residents keen on securing their homes. The best gear is painstakingly made, widely investigated, and contains a portion of the primary military-and police-grade materials. Tactical gear incorporates a wide assortment of items, from rucksacks...

easy camping meals

20 Easy Camping Meals & Recipes

When you go camping, enjoying a magnificent meal isn’t usually on your list of priorities. When you’re cooking in the outdoors with no kitchen equipment and no fancy ingredients, you probably figure you’re lucky to get hot dogs, canned beans and other basic camping meals. Get ready to get your world rocked because these camping recipes will change your mind. They’ll also change the way you view your camping meals. Each recipe is fast, easy and needs only a few...

wounded warriors project

What is The Wounded Warriors Project?

Between the service member and veteran community, there is an organization that has been committed to lending a helping hand. The Wounded Warrior Project is one that has set forth on a mission to help soldiers who were wounded in battle on and after September 11th, 2001. With the numbers skyrocketing in the years following that catastrophic event, the non-profit has made it their mission to make sure those who need help receive help. From illness to wounds and mental...