Best Taser & Stun Guns for Self Defense

best tasers for self defense

Best Taser & Stun Guns for Self Defense

Tasers can be a great self-defense tool for women or men.

They are small, lightweight, and can fit in most pockets or purses. This makes them the ideal tool to carry for self-defense in almost any situation you find yourself in.

But there are so many tasers on the market, which ones are the best?

What is a taser?

Taser is actually a brand name of an electroshock weapon. A taser is an electroshock weapon that delivers a high voltage electric shock that disrupts muscle functions and inflicts pain without significant injury to the assailant. Unlike, stun guns, tasers are for close proximity.

taser electroshock weapon

A taser has two electric prongs that connect via a large electric current that can send a large shock to someone’s nervous system when connected to their body.

What is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is an electroshock weapon that shoots two metal probes up to 15 feet for further proximity situations. Stun guns are often used as police equipment to stun people at a further range.

stun gun example

Stun guns shoot probes into your assailant at longer ranges to provide electroshock through the nervous system.

Stun Gun vs Taser

Though stun guns and Taser are both electroshock weapons, they do have some differences.

Tasers are for close proximity and stun guns are for long-range situations. Taser is actually a brand name like Kleenex is simply tissues.

With a taser, the device has electric probes that connect via a strong electric current. When touching your assailant with these probs, they will receive a huge electric shock to their nervous system.

Stun guns working similarly, but have a long-range wire and probes that once both are injected into the assailant, they will provide very large electroshock from up to 15 feet.

Both devices work very similarly except that one shoots the electric prongs and one has them connected directly to the device.

So now that you are familiar with what stun guns and tasers are, which are the best for self-defense?

Which Device to Choose?

Choosing between a handheld taser device or a stun gun depends on the situation you will be in.

For everyday people, men or women, a handled stun gun device is all you need to defend yourself. They are smaller and can fit it pockets, purses or backpacks very easily.

Stun guns that shoot long distances are better for security guards, cops, and defending at long ranges.

Below are some of the best handheld and portable tasers:

Best Taser for Self Defense

Tactical Stun Gun W- Led Flashlight

Dual Capacitor Stun Gun W/ LED Flashlight

Streetwise Razor Stun Gun 23m Black-Gray

Tactical Stun Gun With Led Flashlight

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