9 Best Tactical Batons

best tactical batons

9 Best Tactical Batons

Throughout human history, people have always found ways to defend themselves from harm.

The modern tactical batons feature concealment capabilities that allow them to be compacted easily into a portable size that easily transforms into full size with a single swipe of the arm. The easy concealment of the baton allows you to get close to the enemy without them realizing your intention and attack only when you are in close range. By doing this, you get to catch your enemy off-guard, implying that he or she has no time to prepare for defense against the attack.

Some tactical batons also pack extra features such as an inbuilt flashlight, which comes in handy when the tactical rod is to be used in poorly lit environments.

In this article, we have selected some of the most highly-rated tactical batons available in the market.

Detective Classic Friction Lock Black Chrome Expandable Baton

The body of this tactical baton is made from seamless alloy steel with precision Morse tight locking joint that aids in the easy unfolding of the staff.

The tip features a heavyweight cap that enables the self-defense staff to reveal the shaft easily when the baton is swiped in preparation for use. A non-slip material covers the handle, which is sufficiently thick to give the holder a tight firm grip on the baton. Users have reported loving this lightweight tactical baton because it only weighs 1.8 pounds.

With such weight, you can carry it along with you all day long without experiencing any fatigue.

Detective Classic Friction Lock Black Chrome Expandable Baton

Autolock-22 Kit

The Autolock-22 Kit includes all the necessary tools for tactical assault and defense when dealing with an aggressive attacker.

The kit includes a 22-inch long foldable staff, a Hindi button cap, and a front auto-lock draw holder. The baton comes in a nice black chrome finish and a thick friction-enhanced handle cover that enable the user to grip the tactical baton firmly with little chances of the rod slipping from their hands.

It comes with a holder that allows easy placement of the weapon on a belt when it is in the compacted form. The Hindi steel cap snugly fits over the holder enclosing the compacted baton and making it inconspicuous.

Autolock-22 Kit

Control Device Expandable Side-handle Staff with Polycarbonate Grip 24

This multipurpose defense and assault weapon includes a side-grip handle that facilitates defending, blocking, as well as striking.

It has an expandable design that easily reveals the full tactical baton with just a quick swipe and easily closes back in place into a size that is easy to carry. The side handle enables convenient placement of the weapon on a waist belt to enable hands-free transportation of the baton.

A Trumbull spherical stop at the tip of the handle also restricts the baton from slipping when in use.

Control Device Expandable Side-handle Baton With Polycarbonate Grip 24

Autolock Expandable Rod

Autolock Expandable is lightweight at only 2 pounds and features a wide patented handle.

This collapsible tactical baton has been manufactured using innovative engineering that combines friction and positive locking. Using this baton is easy because it effortlessly transforms into full size and easily falls back in place with a simple push of the tip.

The round tip has an additional weight that enables the baton to transform easily from its compact size to full size for use.

Autolock Expandable Baton

Agent Concealable Rod

This low-profile tactical baton has a 4140-steel striking surface that enables maximum impact when striking an opponent.

The middle shaft and handle are made of aluminum, which enables them to retain their structure. The grip space features a fine line and spiral grooves that enable a non-slip grip. A baton-clip also accompanies this weapon to facilitate upright and bottom facing placement on a belt. The retraction and collapse mechanism requires minimal effort with a simple push of the tip condensing the baton into its compact size.

This tactical baton weighs only half a pound and locks into three positions of 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm length.

Agent Concealable Baton


The Talon has a unique design that features a hollow groove that houses the body of the tactical baton. Two circular discs on opposite sides of the groove lock in the body of the weapon and enable quick release with a simple push of a button.

Collapsing the self-defense baton also involves simple de-pressing of the release button. Users also have the option to simply shake the baton in vertical movements to reveal the full-sized weapon. A more handy approach of revealing the weapon is also possible by pulling on the tip.

Talon Baton

Sx Expandable Straight Staff

This baton’s body has been constructed using lightweight aluminum that is commonly used in the manufacturing of a plane’s body. Synthetic polycarbonate material makes up the middle shaft, which enables the tactical baton to retain its structure even after striking tough surfaces repeatedly.

The reveal and retract mechanisms use a push-button technique that firmly locks the weapon into place until you need to collapse it. Collapsing the baton into its compact size is also quick and involves pushing the release button and effortlessly pressing the tip of the self-defense baton.

Sx Expandable Straight Baton


The PLP-baton weighs 1.4 pounds and features a straight non-collapsible shaft that is made of durable polycarbonate. The baton has a soft foam handle that provides a firm and non-slip grip on the weapon.

Its polycarbonate body is resistant to wear and scratch, which makes the tactical baton suitable for use in all weather conditions. This self-defense ro is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against damage and replacement is covered by the manufacturer should the weapon fail to meet the advertised specifications during use.

Plp Baton


The Sentry tactical staff is a lightweight hand-held baton that weighs a total of 1.2 pounds and packs an exceptional black chrome finish on the middle shaft. This baton’s tip has a steel cap that is powder-coated to help the shaft move in and out of the concealment handle with ease. The base features a retaining clip made of aluminum that enables the baton to remain locked into position when in use.

The Sentry is compatible with ASP Logo, Grip, Leverage, and Lanyard caps and fits in Cover, Duty, Federal, and SideBreak Scabbards for convenient storage and transportation.

The narrow handle on the Sentry fits perfectly in both small and large hands and is made of Santoprene material that offers a firm non-slip grip on the tactical baton.

Sentry Baton

How to pick the best self-defense staff

Batons are mostly reserved for law enforcement officers and security guards in many countries. The general population, however, can also benefit from this easy to conceal and effective self-defense tactical baton.

The benefit of using a staff over stronger tactical batons with lethal force like guns is that little training is required to use it successfully. Moreover, no legal papers are required to own one, although you need to check with your local regulations regarding the use of batons in your locality before you start using one. It is also imperative to note that the use regulations of the weapons differ from one place to another.

The simple weapon is cheap and requires no specialized maintenance or additional accessories. Unlike guns that require regular cleaning and periodic purchase of bullets, the self-defense rod is ready to go whenever you need it. The compact size of collapsible staff also enables easy storage with some fitting on a belt around the waist.

When choosing a self-defense staff for personal use, the type of baton you pick is largely determined by your fighting skill level and body size. When buying a tactical baton, be sure to avoid weapons that you do not know how to use effectively.

In Conclusion

Big-bodied persons with moderate and intermediate self-defense skills will feel comfortable with shorter and non-retractable batons while small-bodied and inexperienced persons should consider longer and collapsible batons.

Longer tactical batons enable the persons using them to leave enough space between themselves and their opponents when defending themselves. It is important to note, however, that the longer weapon is cumbersome to fight with and could slow you down.

The best bet for any person keen on defending himself or herself using a self-defense rod is to take self-defense classes that teach how to attack and defend effectively using them.

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