Alien Gear Holsters Review

alien gear holster reviews

Alien Gear Holsters Review

For gun owners, holster sizing is all that matters when it comes to comfort and security.

This is because each gun model has its holster design for proper fitment. This brand began with the Cloak Tuck and then the Cloak Slide before 2014 backing system advancements that led to Cloak Tuck 2.0. Cloak Tuck 3.0, Cloak Mod paddle holster, and mag carriers were later released respectively. However, now Alien Gear offers you a universal option using special innovations like the ShapeShift paddle system and IWB (Inside-the-waistband) Grip Tuck.

Alien Gear holsters provide the desired grip and ride depth to accommodate different gun models. Moreover, you can get Alien Gear holsters in varying sizes to fit various barrel lengths.

Here is a review of Alien Gear Holsters:

What’s Good?

When shopping for a good pistol or handgun holster, you want to go for brands that offer a variety of options. Alien Gear Holster designs range from open carry to concealed-carry types. There’re also duty and women’s holster models to choose from. If you’re having difficulties choosing, you can use the “Search By Gun” option on the company’s website for help.

The concealed carry holster is available in different types that include pocket, belly band, ankle, shoulder, appendix carry, and inside the waistband (IWB) holsters. If you want an open carry holster, then you also have options to consider; outside the waistband (OWB), drop leg, MOLLE, backpack, chest, tactical, and hunting holster types.

Alien Gear’s popular ShapeShift Holster series features the core carry pack and expansion pack systems. The company opts for the ShapeShift system due to its ability to change configurations in no time. You can carry the ShapeShift core carry pack holster in configurations like; IWB, OWB, appendix, belt slide, and OWB paddle.

A great holster should provide the highest level of comfort regardless of where you wear it or the size of the gun it houses. This holster brand utilizes the hybrid holster system that involves the mounting of a hard plastic shell on a material. Unlike other brands that are made with leather, Alien Gear’s material of choice is neoprene for softness, sponginess, and flexibility.

Neoprene breaks in easily so the holster can readily conform to your body for comfort. Also, the hybrid holster design provides more pistol carrying comfort in comparison to the pancake-style holster design.

You can also easily draw your gun since the grip is snug enough to hold the gun tight and loose enough for removal. Alien’s holster types use either ShapeShift or universal shell system. The latter system is beneficial since you can install the shell in various backing platforms.

alein gear holsterOn the other hand, the ShapeShift modular system will enable you to change the holster configurations without using any tools. So, you can choose your preferred concealed carry holster platform anytime!

If you want a custom holster, then the manufacturer does compression molding to perfectly fit your gun model and make. Thorough trimming is done to ensure the specific firearm fits exactly before polishing as a finishing touch. While this practice is okay, injection molding is taking over to meet the preference for increased durability.

All these forms of press-molding will keep the gun contour hard-pressed so it stays in place during movement.

Once you buy this holster brand, then you can take advantage of multiple-sized washer included. It will allow you to customize your holster when need be.

The inside the waistband holster design comes with adjustable belt clips for holster height adjustment and pistol-sitting angle setting. To securely and comfortably tuck the holster under your belt, you can use the following clips:

If you own the Cloak Tuck 3.0 and Mod holster types, then you’ll love their internal stiffeners. This is because their core has woven ballistic nylon fabric alongside spring steel. The leather belts also feature the spring steel internal stiffener to prevent gun movement.

The IWB and Cloak Mod holster versions have a design that is compatible with the mounting system of Cloak Dock. This enhances user convenience for previous Cloak Dock gun holster owners.

For magazine carriers, there’s is a special locking gate to allow for fast switching between IWB and belt attachment. This is because the locking gate can adjust the holster carrying position to 360 degrees.

What’s Bad?

It is however concerning that the conceal holster type maybe a little too big to their preference. Also, this compromises your security since it may not conceal your gun as much as you would want.

Besides, when buying the on the waistband holster, you may notice the gun may not fit exactly into the shell. This will be problematic if you can’t guarantee the security of your gun amid movement. The best holster for your handgun should contour to its body by exerting adequate pressure for both fitment and retention.

Another issue with Alien Gear holsters is the difficulty to get them on without undoing your pants. This will also take up much of your time and this eliminates the ease of use. This means that improvements in its quick-release systems are needed to improve clipping and unclipping.

Although the inside the waistband holster lacks an active retention mechanism, its design is worthwhile. Its texture provides the proper grip on the gun and onto your pants/behind your belt. Also, it has a belt clip that will increase the security of your gun while on the waist all day long!

How They Compare To Competitors

What’s amazing about Alien Gear’s Holsters is that the manufacturer makes them universal with the ShapeShift system among other unique features. The designs make interchangeable shells so you can carry different weapons in a single platform. This is what makes it a top brand with some of the leading sales in the industry.

It is hard to find a holster that is compatible with every type of gun and this hybrid brand does exactly that.

alien gear review

When it comes to the material of choice, most rival holster brands use leather for its strength, durability, and flexibility. Neoprene is definitely superior since it’s stronger and will conform better to your body shape. The CoolVent Neoprene fabric on the holster is breathable so sweat doesn’t accumulate between it and your body. This makes the holster comfortable even when you have tight clothes on or are moving at a fast pace.

All in all, every brand has its uniqueness so, take time to consider all the features it offers and how they’ll benefit you. The type of gun you own (make and model) will impact the kind of holster you use.

Most of the holster designs you’ll find in the market are pancake-style. This means that two pieces of one material (nylon, leather, plastic, or Kydex) are fitted. In contrast, Alien Gear’s holster design is a hybrid one that mounts a hard plastic shell onto flexible material.

Excitingly, you can customize the settings of your holster to fit your fit and your carrying configuration. Doing this is simple as the OWB paddle holster has a push-button for that purpose.

The Ventcore Inside the Waistband holster is made of Kydex shell that is super strong, therefore, highly durable. It also features non-marking nylon that is soft and flexible for comfort. Also, this nylon will protect your firearm’s finish so it looks as good as new!

Now that you see different holster manufacturers approach the subject differently, you must review what previous users have to say. Sometimes user testimonials and reviews are the best judgment call for making a buying decision. You’ll know the shortcomings and advantages of your choice.

Final Thoughts

While guns provide the personal defense, how you carry them determines your security too. You want to get a holster that fits your firearm exactly so it stays securely in place as you move. Also, the holster must be made of soft material for carrying comfort and a strong one for durability. It should conform to your body and sit perfectly against it. This will only be possible if the material is flexible.

The design should also feature a breathable material like mesh nylon or perforated neoprene. This will prevent sweat from accumulating around the holster as this would cause discomfort.

Also, consider consulting the seller about custom-made holster types so that your small, medium or bigger gun can fit exactly in the bag. This is where the Shapeshift technology comes in.

So, if you’re asking whether Alien Holster types are worth spending on, the answer is yes. As long as you get the right holster size for your gun, you’re good to go.


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